Chelsea & Alexander | Rome Engagement

Let’s journey back to the tranquil dawn of October 2023, where Chelsea & Alexander’s love story unfolded amidst Rome’s timeless charm

Chelsea’s elegant, flowy floral dress danced in the morning breeze, adding a touch of ethereal beauty to every frame. With meticulous attention to detail, I had the chance to document their love for the finer things, capturing little details like her engagement ring or the delicate hand-painted bottle of champagne, symbolizing their commitment to cherishing life’s little pleasures together. 

Against the backdrop of Rome’s iconic landmarks, we froze intimate moments of laughter and tenderness, weaving a tapestry of memories as golden as the sunrise. These photographs serve not only as a testament to Chelsea & Alexander’s enduring love and time in Italy, but also as a celebration of their appreciation for life’s exquisite details.